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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  December 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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act and would subject the operator to termination. >> pollack said a new policy put in place yesterday now requires a senior mbta official to go to the train whenever a signal system has to be put into a bypass mode which t officials , say happens up to a dozen times a week, systemwide. >> we have focused and rightfully so on what appear to be the irresponsible action of a single individual. >> there are a myriad of unanswered questions. for example, how can commuters communicate with the mbta which they couldn' t do yesterday if the conductor isn' t available? and do other operators ever rig the throttle? they couldn' t answer that question. wasn' t the result of sinister motives, do you have any confidence that someone with bad intentions, could do something even more dangerous? >> i think that' s one of the ll be looking for our the federal folks to help us think through. >> she also declined to answer that question. basque
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asquez is on administrative leave. j.c.: inside the mbta' s control center. the split-second decisions needed to keep riders safe. more than one solution to the complex problem came up. julie mcdonald continues our coverage in braintree. >> there is no question i' m sure that nine minutes felt like an hour during that time they were making these decisions. >> the mbta is praising the quick thinking of the control center dispatchers during the nine minutes the red line train traveled without an operator thursday morning. they got the call within 60 seconds that it was moving without a motor person and knew there was a 10-minute buffer between this train and the next one. >> the decisions made were to clear the line so the express trains with passengers to cross j.f.k. first before beginning to
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>> plan b would have included diverting the runaway train passed the yard where a device could have stopped it from moving. there was a third option, considered to be the worst case scenario. >> if the trains were closer, dispatchers could have made the decision to kill power along the entire line and stop all the trains. >> that response plan would have impacted the most people and also would have stranded trains between stops. phil: right now, a suspect is in custody in connection with the deadly shooting in revere. two people killed and one wounded in the violence. mary saladna is life with what we have learned. >> police tracked down the suspect at a house in quincy. they knew who they were looking for thanks to one of the victims. 36-year-old michael deleon charged in thursday' s deadly
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police say they know who they were looking for within moments of arriving. one of the victims identified his shooter. >> i heard bang, bang, bang. >> a neighbor told us about peter. he lived on the first floor. he was killed last night along with christy johnson. >> she comes to help him and make dinner. everybody' s buddy, like everybody' s father. >> another friend told us off-camera johnson was here to say goodbye. the mother of three picking up personal items before getting treatment for addiction. >> a great person trying to get her kids back in her life. wanted so bad to do the right thing in life, to get clean, be a mother. >> the third shooting victim was christy johnson' s boyfriend.
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he is hospitalized in critical condition. deleon is being held without bail. he will be charged with murder monday morning. mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: a man is facing several charges in connection with a fatal crash. harley libby faced a judge from his hospital bed today. he' s charged with driving under alcohol and leaving the scene of an accident. police say he drove through a killing one person. bail. j.c.: taking a look at the boston skyline. one of my favorite shots. we have more mild weather. we had dense fog this morning. do we get a repeat tomorrow? t think we will see it as widespread. of us watching from southern new hampshire,
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only half a mile visibility in keene, zero in new hampshire. orange is 3/4 of a mile. the rest of the area not bad. the air should be drier with a light westerly wind. you can see temperatures have dropped to the upper 30' s in the area that has the dense fog while the rest of the region is comparatively mild. in and around boston, mild weather tonight as temperatures will only go down to 50 or the upper 40' s even into tomorrow morning. during the day tomorrow, well into the 50' s. there is a chance of catching 60. light wind. the better of the weekend days, i will let you know about the few minutes. d.c.f. facing scrutiny bond case. according to the report, were instances where a social worker involved with the family
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properly. she was warned in writing at the time. today, governor charlie called for more oversight. >> we need to go as fast as we can to fix the managerial oversight, supervision infrastructure, and guidance and direction we provide to social workers at d.c.f. and then hold them accountable. phil: the boyfriend of the girl' s mother, michael mccarthy, has been charged with murder being an accessory. daily fantasy sites. earlier, a new york judge blocked draftkings and fanduel from doing business in new york. but late today, the appeals court granted a stay along the while the court case plays out. the new york attorney general believes the games are forms of illegal gambling while the sites
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this photo becomes a yearbook controversy. the young woman appears to be standing on the american flag. that was not the case. but the picture was banned from the yearbook. j.c.: fortunately, a solution has been found. is looking at the photo that sparked anger. she believed it showed pride in the u.s. a >> we do live in america. to show patriotism, i like the colors progress but foxboro high school ejected and banned the photo from the yearbook. >> i did not understand why it was disrespectful. we agreed to crappy photo and they still said no. >> the principal releasing a statement saying we do not see standing on the flag as appropriate. it is not a real flag. it is a studio backdrop.
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s response was over-the-top political correctness. her post blew up on social media. >> i' m sorry a few veterans are offended by it. 99% of the people are for it. >> morgan works at this restaurant. it is the owner who wanted to use the photo for an ad in the back of your book to congratulate her. >> it was never meant to offend a veteran or active duty serviceman. >> her volunteer work speaks for itself. >> for the past two years, i rake leaves for veterans. that is fun. >> late this afternoon, a truce was reached. a new photographer has volunteered to reshoot her photograph. the principal says we will agree on a mutually acceptable background and move on. phil: caught on camera, a
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on the thief. also ahead. j.c.: a return engagement for a year ago. the joy behind this concert at children' s hospital. harvey: mild december temperatures sticking around. expect a wrinkle before the weekend is done. plans. >> in sports, we are live at the garden. the golden state warriors in the house, still undefeated.
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>> you are watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. phil: today is the 20th anniversary of the fire that destroyed the former textile factory. the new owner has announced it is moving out of the state. it is going to plant in new hampshire and tennessee.
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a disgrace. he made headlines when he continued to pay workers after the fire destroyed the mill. j.c.: police are searching for a man who swiped a donation jar in lowell. that was caught on camera. the video clearly shows a man stealing a donation jar. there was only about $25 to $30 in it, but that money was intended to provide christmas gifts for families in need. it' s known as sun santa fund, a charity effort run by the lowell sun. the suspect is seen picking up the jar, looking at the money inside, and then putting it in a bag and walking out. it happened sunday at the 7-eleven on chelmsford street in lowell. police are still searching for the thief. a new donation jar has been put on the counter at that 7-eleven. phil: the deadline to buy health insurance is just a few days away. the final day to purchase coverage is december 23 in massachusetts if you go through the state' s heath connector. coverage will begin on the first
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, december 15. harvey leonard just ahead with the weekend forecast and how long we can keep this mild street going. j.c.: i love this story. a truck full of cars for a special little girl. and this. the christmas concert at children' s hospital that has praised as one of america's best mayors who governed as a pragmatist. bernie sanders passed more amendments in a republican congress than any other member. cracked the gridlock with john mccain to strengthen veterans' healthcare. bernie sanders. a consistent, principled,
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to believe in. sanders: i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. j.c.: the mail continues to pour in for the badly burned girl with one simple request, christmas cards. today, a mail truck filled with holiday cards and gifts arrived for the seven-year-old. nearly 18,000 cards and 60 packages have arrived at the new york post office from around the world. yesterday, she picked up her first massive shipment from the post office.
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phil: it is a very special return engagement at children' s hospital, a holiday concert with special meaning. a year ago, sophie fellows played her violin before undergoing delicate brain surgery. j.c.: today, she returned again playing the song with the dr. that saved her life. reid lamberty has the story new at 6:00. >> the choreographed fingers of sophie fellows dance along the strings of her violin the grace and confidence that is matched only by her 10-year-old smile. she joined 17 of her colleagues from their violin school for a special performance at boston' s children' s. it was this time last year, she also performed at children' s one day before surgery to remove a large tumor on her brain. >> it is phenomenal to see. i am so glad she has been able to play.
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and dad beaming with pride as only parents can, acknowledging the importance of this 30-minute long performance, fully aware of the risk their daughter faced after the 15-hour surgery. >> she is back in school on grade level functioning well. >> her doctor had been hopeful for this outcome but knew it was not a guarantee. >> anytime you undergo brain surgery, there' s always the possibility you could have some kind of neurological brain damage. >> she still has some eye balance. dealing with. a year later, and things are about as good as they can get. >> i feel great. >> for one more time, dr. and patient were side-by-side performing. grace and confidence, a 10-year-old well on her way to an amazing encore. in boston, reid lamberty, wcvb
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music was incredible better. j.c.: that is fantastic. phil: hopefully there will be another one next year and the year after. harvey: looks great, sounds great. great year that all the way around. s. plymouth and provident had 60 or better the last few days. two days. that is not december. average so far. look at the temperatures today. kansas city, memphis, the capital, we are on the warm side of the jet stream. we are staying that way tomorrow. you have a great day. if you were working and could not enjoy the mild afternoons, tomorrow.
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tomorrow clearly will be the better of the weekend days and sunday. cloudiness. that is the overview of where we have been and where we still are. boston this evening, 54, light breeze out of the southwest at nine miles an hour. that is the milder wind direction. time around. the 50' s, look at places like concord. only upper 30' s and low 40' s. there is very dense fog in those places. the rest of us don' t have a fog issue tonight. i don' t expect a widespread repeat of what happened late last night and early today when the fog was a problem for many. the breeze out of the southwest. it should become more light westerly tomorrow. there is the fog i talked about the poor visibility.
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skies are clear. ground. when the temperature and dew point meet, they are saturated. you could get frost or fog. tomorrow, upper 50' s, s. just an outstanding day. down. look to the north. que bec is not terribly cold but chillier at 39. there is a front that will slide in our direction. before that, we lose the cloudiness the last few hours. we turn clear tonight. we have sung with occasional excellent saturday. in from the west. we could have a spritz on' s monday -- on sunday. tomorrow, i hope you get a
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on sunday, that is the day that has the clouds and cool air. the front comes down. behind it, the wind comes out of the northeast. that brings chilly air down from eastern canada and maine as well as cloudiness. for significant rain, we are still below average. that will be a combination of the front in our area monday and the storm going to the north which drives the cold front through overnight monday night. that is the chance of getting the heaviest rain monday night was interested -- intermittent drizzle possible. chillier on tuesday. colder on wednesday. next week when we get out of the 50' s, i don' t think they get repeated for a while. we will get closer to average into next weekend. i will have a full update later tonight. i am meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now, sportscenter 5 with bob
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>> we are live at the garden tonight where the celtics will try to do something no other team in the nba has been able to do this year. that is beat the golden state warriors. the celtics are on a nice run of their own having won four of the last five games. they are getting about 108 points a game. it pales in comparison to the defending champs. they are 23-0. the challenge is here, which means so is the opportunity. >> every game means the same. it is not a bigger game. a bigger challenge. >> they are 23-0. they have not lost a game. and they are the reigning champions. to be both of those things is remarkable because of the extra incentive for everybody playing against you when you walk into
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for them to run through the league the way they are just tells you not only how good they are but have grounded they are. >> of course, the warriors are enjoying this streak. not just because they are winning every night. that is a good thing. but also because they are chasing history. they come to play every night, which is good because the celtics want the warriors to come out and play. >> warriors, come out to play! >> the 33 number, i mean, we could talk about it and not shy away from it. there is no pressure. >> warriors, come out to play! >> this is something chasing nba history. there is no pressure for it.
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>> if you have not seen "the warriors" movie, check it out. it is worth 90 minutes of your time. encouraging news from the practice field at gillette stadium. both rob gronkowski and julian edelman were on it. gronkowski for a second straight day. he' s now listed as questionable for sunday night' s game in houston which basically means it is a coin flip as to whether or not he will play in the game sunday night. edelman has been ruled out of sunday' s game. it was a surprise to see him on the field today. but no surprise he is ruled out. probably will not see him until the final game of the regular season at the earliest. but at least we know two key components of the patriots offense are on the mend. >> we have been working hard. we have a good staff. i was not necessarily surprised. >> do you have a timeline? >> i would like to be back as and as i can, but doing it safely and smart.
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>> it feels good to be back with my teammates. it feels good to be out of the practice field. any other questions, talk to coach belichick. >> it is good to see and hear from both of those guys at gillette stadium in practice today. as for tonight, this place will be packed. it will have a playoff atmosphere. i am seeing a lot of golden state warrior jerseys. the warriors travel very well. the celtics looking to make their fans happy and disappoint some of the warrior fans tonight. a full report and highlights at 11:00. phil: thanks. j.c.: coming up new at 11:00, new scams for new security features on credit cards. the moves crooks are making to get their hands on your money
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j.c.: still warm tomorrow and cooling down on sunday.
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